Heaven’s Gateway Empowerment Temple: ``Raising God's End Time Army, Rebuilding Lives and Maximising Potentials`` with the nations of the world. Under the guidance of the Esteemed Amiable and Indomitable - Pastor Chikere Onuigbo Nwafor, the Church has successfully grown into a religious force that spans the entire world, making the divine knowledge of the Lord available to millions worldwide.

Our Purpose.

We Exist To Honor God And Make Disciples.

Our Mission.

The good news is that if you need something to change in your life, you simply need to align your words with the truth in the Word of God (Bible).

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.

John 3:16-17 ESV

Our Values.

Identity in Christ

The values taught in the Bible are often the opposite of worldly values: kindness and respect for all people instead of power; humility instead of status; honesty and generosity instead of wealth; self-control instead of self indulgence; forgiveness instead of revenge. Christian values promote peace and good will among people in accordance with the purposes of God.

Church Is Family

I learned the significance of “brother” and “sister” long before I began to use those biblical terms myself. As a child, I would half-listen to my parents’ side of phone conversations, absorbed in a book but mildly curious about who was on the other end. The introductory chatter never aroused my attention. Their transition to hushed pauses or solemn tones failed to fully engage my interest. But then I would hear my dad address the caller as “brother,” and I would look up from the page.

Kingdom Culture

Our heart is to ‘help everyone everywhere experience God,’ in a life changing way. Just one experience with Jesus kick starts the process needed to launch us toward our purpose. Changed people, change the world.

Spirit Led Life

The Holy Spirit is living, moving, and is part of every moment in our lives. It’s through Holy Spirit that we are able to be empowered and emboldened to fulfill the purpose God has for us. Living a Holy Spirit life is the most exciting and thrilling thing we can do in this life and when we follow the Holy Spirit, life change happens. Over the past years of pursuing life with Holy Spirit, I’ve learned how to have a live and active relationship with the Father and my hope is that through the next few minutes of reading this blog, you will be encouraged and empowered to live a life in Holy Spirit. And by the way, you might notice that sometimes I refer to the Holy Spirit, just as Holy Spirit. I do this because it feels more personal to me.